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Wild about Wonderland

The Alice Obsession Begins

For me, there has always been something about Alice in Wonderland.  The book, the movies / TV series, the characters, the whimsy and topsy turviness of it all...

I think it all started with the 1985 TV mini-series Alice in Wonderland, with many classic stars like Carol Channing, Lloyd Bridges, and even appearances from Ringo Starr and Sammy Davis Jr. 

(P.S. if you remember this at all - we should be friends!)  

I was about 3-years old during its release and probably watched it 8 trillion times during my childhood.  My mom and I would sing and dance to the songs and I was always mesmerized by the story of Alice's journey.  

However, this TV mini-series version was also a bit dark and creepy - particularly with the Jabberwocky scenes.  Looking back, this was always an aspect of Alice in Wonderland that I was drawn to.  It's interesting to think about the story, as an adult, and how much symbolism there is for the journey of life, with its twists and turns, interesting people that cross your path, and the many choices you must make.

Alice and her story continued to influence me through the years via Halloween costumes, collecting unique Alice items, and even having a loosely-based Alice theme at my wedding.   


Set the Table for a Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Party

Fast forward years later and enter Très Chic Party Boutique...

I knew, as I was creating my shop, that an Alice in Wonderland theme was a must, and would have to be front and center, as one of my favorite collections.

Très Chic Party Boutique has so many options to create a special and unique Alice in Wonderland themed soiree for all ages.  

First thing's first...Table covers.  

Whether you prefer the grass table runner, black & white checkered fitted table cover, or blue Alice print paper tablecloth, each sets the perfect foundation for your Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Mix and match our variety of Alice themed party plates and napkins in different sizes and patterns.  Try utilizing this 9" Gold Plate, as a charger, underneath a small Alice Scalloped Plate for an elegant place setting.

Since there are so many characters and symbols within the story, there truly are so many ways to fill out your party decor and create a unique party.  Whether it's incorporating these Magic Aces Card Napkins, White Rabbit Plates, and / or Queen of Hearts Favor Boxes, the options are endless!

Decorate to Set the Scene

Of course no Alice in Wonderland party is complete without the classic "Eat Me" / "Drink Me" tags to spark a little curiosity.

These mini "Drink me" bottles and "Eat Me" cake domes are so perfectly dainty for your Alice tablescape.  The domes are just the right size for mini cupcakes, macaroons, or chocolate truffles.  Alternatively, send your guests home with these mini cake domes as a sweet favor! 

If you are considering including some props from around your home, try adding some antique teapots, topiaries, and clocks.  Top your table off with some fresh or faux red roses, in honor of the Queen of Hearts.

If weather permits and you are able, try hosting your Alice themed party outdoors!  A garden setting adds the perfect natural ambiance for Alice's tea party, and gives you many places to display these adorable Alice props

We certainly know how to throw an Alice in Wonderland party over here!  

Now you can too!  Shop our Alice Collection...




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